Corporate Apartments



Reliable Twin Cleaning specializes in providing regular maid service and move-out cleaning within the corporate apartment industry. We currently clean between 25-50 corporate apartments each week for both individual companies and Minneapolis leaders in the corporate apartment industry.

Our staff is also available for corporate apartment set-up cleaning, which includes unloading all boxes and putting away house wares, followed by a detailed maid service.

Regular Maid Service Includes:

Bedroom(s) Cleaning:

•     Strip bed and remake with laundered corporate linens
•     Wash, dry & fold bed linens – place extra sheets in bedroom closet
•     Remove debris underneath bed and alongside the nightstands
•     Dust all furniture, pictures and bed headboards. Windex mirrors
•     Vacuum carpeted areas
Bathroom(s) Cleaning:
•     Clean shower stall, tub, sink, vanity, mirror, toilet, faucets and floors
•     Wash, dry, fold & hang bath linens
•     Place extra towels in linen closet
Kitchen Cleaning:
•     Wash & put away dishes in dishwasher
•     Clean all counter top appliances
•     Clean exterior of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, stove
•     Clean coffee maker, including filter
•     Clean exterior & interior of microwave
•     Wash & fold kitchen towels
General Cleaning:
•     Dust all furniture, fireplace mantle, baseboards, window sills
•     Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
•     Clean laundry room floor
•     Vacuum entire apartment
•     Remove all trash and empty all wastebaskets and put in new trash liners
•     Mop door entry, bathroom & kitchen floors
•     Lock apartment door



Corporate Apartment Cleaning Rates:

Prices vary upon apartment locations, frequency of service, and number of apartments to be cleaned
Please call our office at (612) 522-2532 to get a quote.